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How does Bradie James foundation help you and your family? I was actually a breast cancer patient for a few years now. My mom worries a lot as I do not want to go to the hospital anymore because honestly, we do not have much money to pay my hospital bills. But of course, knowing that my disease has no cure, I don’t want to spend her money in hospital. I pity my mother as she does everything just to take care of me. That’s why I want to seek help from this breast cancer organization. Can somebody help me, how do I start? Is this website helpful? Is the foundation of Bradie James really helpful to breast cancer patients? Whom do I contact?


@jenny, Don’t go far away! Everything that you need is here. Texas Breast Cancer Help Center is a place where you can communicate with people with the same situation like you. They will help you by providing answers to all the things that make you worry. Meanwhile, Bradie James can provide not just financial help, but he wants to make the patients and the families’ experiences better. He offers a lot of complementary therapy classes such as yoga, cooking, art, Zumba, dance, medical treatments, and more.


@jenny, you are in the right place! Texas Breast Cancer Help Center will help you. They partnered with many breasts cancer organization like Bradie James foundation that offers medical treatment. This is perfect for your need as you mentioned earlier that you don’t have enough money to have medical treatment.