Bobbyabley.com – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most asked questions that people have submitted to our Texas Breast Cancer Help Center website, with answers provided by professional experts who are volunteer members of our help center.

Question: What are the common signs to detect if you have a breasts cancer?

Answer: If there are possible signs, the common include a lump in the breasts, breasts swelling and redness. However, do not worry if you have one or more of these signs, that doesn’t mean you have breast cancer because most of these signs turn out to be benign or not cancerous, it means can heal with some medications. If you are still worried seeing these signs on your breasts, please see your doctor right away.

Question: How can I get help from you?

Answer: We are thankful that you want to get help from us! We are waiting for you for so long and we are just here to listen to your feelings and help you with your situation. We have connections with other foundations that are also willing to help you. Just talk to us. Send us your message and information, our volunteer team will go to your home immediately and will talk and discuss all you need to know.

Question: What does stress have to do with being a breast cancer patient?

Answer: Being stressed can steer you towards your behaviors such as smoking, drinking, or overeating, etc. Research shows long-term stress might bring your body into constant inflammation and might end up worsening not only your breast cancer also many other diseases.

Question: What do Texas Breasts Cancer Help Center and Bradie James exactly do?

Answer: We are helping breasts cancer survivors and patients to move forward in their lives.

Question: I need help. Who do I contact?

Answer: We’re glad you are ready to open up. Please see our contact page for further details.