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In the past, breast cancer survivors have partnered up with several nurses, doctors, and social workers and founded the Texas Breast Cancer Help Center. They provide a helpline and a support group to form a database of survivors who could provide words of encouragement to other women with the same health issues.

Interested volunteer breast cancer survivors who want to train with can do so very simply. You only need to be focused on how to be a good listener, how to understand their situation, and how to communicate with them and give them hope.

The Texas Breast Cancer Help Center is not just composed of volunteer survivors, we, the staff are trained professionals and experts in whatever we do inside the help center so we can perfectly conduct our mission in helping women move their lives forward. Through the years, our goal is still the same which is to help women with breast cancer to find their way forward, in a way that is right and good for them.

The Texas Breast Cancer Help Center is a place where you can ask questions, get help, and connect with a diverse community of breast cancer survivors, patient, and thrivers who can relate in a way no one else can do. For so many years of being volunteers in this program, we have been dedicated to support and improve each other’s lives especially and most importantly the lives of those touched by breast cancer.

All the programs and services we offer are all free of charge because of the generous support of the Texas community to anyone affected by breast cancer. The Texas Breast Cancer Help Center is a non-profit organization. We also teamed up with other breast cancer organizations and foundations in the country to strengthen each others’ mission and goals for the women with breast cancer and the survivors too.